HH-SGYZ Auto High-Speed 4-Fold Bottom Lock Gluing Folding Machine

  • Description

Adopts rail-type operation, transmission adopts strengthened portable single structure, stable operation and simple maintenance.
Transmission adopts upper and down main drive, without removing the shaft. Belt can be replaced rapidly.
Adopts manual and PLC operating system, with a remote control device, photoelectric device, quantitative counting, automatic paper-kicking device.
PVC conveyor, pressure is adjusted through pneumatic pressure, equipped with sponge belt to ensure the quality of products.

Technical Specification

Model HH-650SGYZ HH-780SGYZ
Paper Material Cardboard210-800g
Max. Liner speed 350m/min
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Way of folding in reverse Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°, fold 2 and fold 4 are 135°and 180°,bottom folded and glued
Glue Water-base cold glue
Power Supply 3P380V50HZ
Main motor power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Total power 9.36kw 10.06kw
Weight 5.0T 6.0T
Overall dimension 12×1.4×1.45m 12×1.4×1.45m

The parameter of 4 folds box bottom locked and the folded box:


Model HH-650SGYZ HH-780SGYZ
A MAX 630 760
MIN 180 180
B MAX 500 500
MIN 50 50
H MAX 100 100
MIN 25 25

Carton type and size:


Model HH-650SGYZ HH-780SGYZ
A MAX 650 780
MIN 90 90
B MAX 700 700
MIN 50 50

Two-side gluing box type and size:


Model HH-650SGYZ HH-780SGYZ
A MAX 500 650
MIN 50 50
B MAX 700 700
MIN 50 50
H MAX 50 50
MIN 10 10

Advantage and improvement

 Feeding section
* Auto feed correctly and continuously, internal of feeding is adjusted by continuously variable speeder;
* independent high-speed feeding bell can be easily adjusted;
* independent vibrating motor can improve feeding greatly; * feeding blade and baffle on the left and right can be adjusted upper and down to shorten adjusting and carton changing time.
1,Long-distance folding, to ensure 180° of the 1st line, 135° the 3rd line,convenient to open the box to be filled.
2, All parts can be easily replaced, convenient to install the parts of other types of boxes.
 Bottom Locking:
1,The entire bottom-lock part is installed in a reversible bracket, substantially reduce the swap adjustment time of bottom-fold box and the other types of box.
2,Bottom-folding speed is 50-400 pcs per min, stable and reliable.
 Guling bucket:
1. Upper gluing bucket can adjusted separately up and down, right and left, to ensure the gluing quality.
2. Bottom gluing bucket can be adjusted right and left, set gluing amount, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.
Lengthened folding to avoid the unevenness while the rapid prototyping of cartons and make it come to perfection.
 Full pressing:
1. Pressure can be adjusted conveniently, reliable, ensure good quality of gluing.
2. With counting device to count the finished boxes to match with boxes regulating, easy to count and pack.
1. One-touch pneumatic pressure adjustment, easy operation.
2. Equipped with feeding paper inspection device.
3. Equipped with impacting device to press the paper after accounting and make it easy to pack paper.

The Advantage of our machines compare other suppliers

1. The frame steel plate material is thicker 20mm than other supplier, to keep machine more stable.
2. Curved bow regulate position in case of fault transfer paper avoid waste paper.
3. Cam fine tuning part of better folding position.
4. Feeding belt is imported
5. Drive bearing is imported.






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