HH-YA Auto High-Speed Gluing Folding Machine

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Series YA folding gluing machine is Pre-fold machine, adopt synchronous belt transmission and electronic continuously variable speeder, domestic standard electronic components, feeding section adopts mechanic continuously variable, stable and easy to control and operate. It is widely used in food, medicine,cosmetics,stationery and other ordinary cartons, Pre-folding can be applied to auto packaging.(In case of any special function requirements, we can design according to customer’s needs).

HH-YZ High-Speed Pre-Fold Gluing Machine is suitable for manual packing making line because fold 2 and fold 4 reach 90° and 180°.

Technical Specification:

Model HH-650YA HH-780YA
Paper Material Cardboard250-700g
Max. Liner speed 220m/min
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Way of folding in reverse Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°,
Fold 2 and fold 4 are 90°and 180°
Glue Water-base cold glue
Power Supply 3P380V50HZ
Needed power 6.0 kw 6.0 kw
Weight 2.0 T 2.5 T
Overall dimension 7.5×1.3×1.45m 7.5×1.45×1.45m

Carton type and size:


Model HH-650YA HH-780YA
A MAX 650 780
MIN 90 90
B MAX 700 700
MIN 50 50

Advantage and improvement

 1. Feeding section
Auto feed correctly and continuously, internal of feeding is adjusted by continuously variable speeder; independent high-speed feeding bell can be easily adjusted; independent vibrating motor can improve feeding greatly; feeding blade and baffle on the left and right can be adjusted upper and down to shorten adjusting and carton changing time.
Lengthened folding to avoid the unevenness while the rapid forming of cartons and make it come to perfection.
 3. Full pressing
Pressure can be adjusted conveniently, reliable, ensure good quality of gluing.
With counting device to count the finished boxes to match boxes regulating, easy to count and pack
 4. Gluing bucket
* Upper gluing bucket can adjusted separately up and down, right and left, to ensure the gluing quality.
* Bottom gluing bucket can be adjusted right and left, set gluing amount, east to assemble, disassemble and clean.
 5. Transmission:
Structure is specially designed, pressure adjustment is easy and reliable to ensure the quality of gluing.


Parts Our factory Others
HH-A-3 Main wall plate adopt international standard 14mm thick iron plate, Other factory normally use iron plate 8mm.
HH-A-4 Imported belt. More durable and stable Other factory use belt made in china
HH-A-5 Main bearing in the machine is imported, from NSK, Japan Other factory use Chinese brand
HH-A-6 Position adjuster: easy to adjust position, make machine run smoothly, decrease defective index Without position adjuster, not easy to adjust

Machine packing before delivery:


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