TB-12 Full Automatic Horizontal Offline Handle Fixing Machine by Computer

  • Description

Brief :
Fully automatic horizontal glue stick machine is used for paper orientation of the new models, originated equipment packaging industry at home and abroad. Adopt servo motor system, automatic feeding paper glued to accurate positioning direction by mechanical way, the machine automatically die-cutting paper tape, paste in paper cups overlapping position (also can be paste in the body of any specified position). The machine features low consumption, high efficiency and good stability. Fill in the blank stick paper packaging industry at home and abroad.

Technical Specification:

Machine Size 1900x1200x2000mm(LxWxH)
Total Power 2.5kw
Working Air Source 0.2m³/min
Rated  Productivity 40-60pcs /min
Apply cup type 3-12oz
Weight 1500kg


Free Accessories List:

number Specification and goods Unit Quantity
1 Shafts 1
2 Cylinder sealing ring 3
3 Big spring 2
4 Bottom knurling heater 1
5 Rubber of silica gel 5
6 Hexagonal screw 1
7 flat shim∮12—∮16、12 各只 10
8 Electric heater punching bottom 2
9 Bearing 1
10 Knurling wheel 1
11 small spring 5
12 inner hexagonal spanner 1
13 outer hexagonal spanner 1
14 oil gun 1
15 bottom screw M16 6


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