ZBJ-H12 High Speed Paper Cup Machine

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Technical Specification:

Model ZBJ–H12 High Speed  Paper Cup Machine
Paper Cup Size 3oz-12oz (mold exchangeable)80ml~330ml
Raw Material One side PE (polyethylene) film coated/laminated paper
Ultrasonic machine can be produce single and double pe paper
Suitable paper weight 140-350gsm
Rated Productivity 50-60 paces/minute;
Power Source 220V/380V 50Hz or other required
Total Power 4.8KW
Total Weight 1500 KG
Package Size 2700mm *1200mm *1600mm;
(L x W x H)
Working Air Source 0.4Mpa, Air Out-put:0.6 m3/minute
Making Double PE coated paper cups, need to buy an air compressor

Our company VS Other company
1) We using 125 type Divided box, which has two years warranty.
Other company use 100 type divided box.


*125 type is much bigger than 100 type, is more strong.
*100 type divided after one year, easy has problem.

2) We using Speed reducer: 1:30 100 type
Other company use 1:20 80 type.


* Use 1:30 100 type divided more stable
3) We using φ30 import steel shaft for the machine
Other company use φ25 steel shaft


* Use φ30 steel shaft can be much long life for the machine

4) We using 3 Cam to control the folding process.
Other company use 1 Cam to control the folding process.


* Each Cam control each arm, folding process is more accurate and easy adjust.
5) We using two times paper feeding process.
Other company using the only one time


* Two time feeder make feeding and folding has more time to done process.
* Paper fan not easy corrugated when fan goes folding process.

6) Keeping cup Holding clip almost mute by adopting the same diameter cam.


7) Adopting new knurling wheel(made by Cr12) which is more durable ,and better bottom sealing


The left side is our new knurling wheel   The right side is our old kunrling wheel

8) If make single pe cup (more than 230gsm) , we make an improvement by adding the cylinder(2set) instead of using air compressure which is expensive and noisy .
9) We using Multilayer suckers for the paper taking
Other company using single sucker

* Multilayer sucker is much powerful and taking process can be success.
* Multilayer sucker has long life; when the top wornout, just cut the top.

Free Accessories List

Number Name and description Quantity Note
1 Electric heater punching bottom (Short) 1pc image045
2 Copper Immersion Heater  (Long) 1 pc
3 Spanner 1pc image047
4 Big spring 1 pc image049
5 small spring 3pcs
6 Bottom knurling heater 1 pc image051
7 Pre-heater 2 pc image053
8 bearing(5204) + Knurling wheel 1 set
9 inner hexagonal spanner 1 set image055
10 outer hexagonal spanner 1 set image057
11 bottom screw M16 6 pcs
12 oil gun 1 pc image059
13 Neon-electroscope 1 pc image061
14 Screw driver 1 pc image063
15 Hammer 1 pc  image065
16 Machine spanner 1 pc image067
17 Makintosh image069
18 Box spanner 12-14  17-19 image071
19 Pincers 1 pc image073
20 Rubber of silica gel (Red 3pcs , white 2pcs ) 5 pcs  image075 image077
21 Hexagonal screw 6,8,10,12 — each 2pcs 8 pcs image078
22 flat shim D12-D16、12 Nut 10 pcs image080
23 operation manual 1 pc image082
24 instruction of inverter 1 pc image084

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