QC-750 Reel Paper Die Cutting Machine

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QC-750 Die Cutting Machine
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QC-750 High Speed Automatic Reel Paper Die-cutting Machine is an advanced equipment, which press and die-cut various material, such as popular paper, PE coated paper, ideal equipment for printing, packing, and paper container industry.
Step-motor pull and control the reel feeding,
Adopt PLC program control system, keep the accurate feeding-length and die-cutting,
Easy control the cut length accuracy and running,
Available for cutting white paper (blank paper), printed paper, etc.
It is an ideal equipment for die cutting paper cup, paper plate, paper box, etc.
Use Roll printing machine and Roll die cutting machine, Less edge waste, Save cost.
Quality import key-bearing keep the machine stable and durable,
Main motor adopt Worm Gear Motor

Technical Specification

Name QC-750 Paper Cutting Machine
Max Die Cutting Area : 770 x 270 mm
Max Cutting Length : <250mm
Die-cutting Precision : ±0.10mm
Working Speed : 80~150 beats/minute; (About 4800~9000 beats/Hour)
Main Motor Power : 6 KW
Suitable Material : 100~600gsm paper,
Air Source : Air pressure: 0.8Mpa; (Need to buy Air Compressor)
Air Out-put: 1m³/minute
Weight : 2000KG
Overall Dimensions : (L * W * H)   2.5*1.53*1.6m

Reel Paper Feeding: Easy feed the raw reel paper,


Hydraulic system lift up/down the reel paper, Hand-roller adjust the left/right position,
Magnetic Powder Brake control the reel unwinding speed,

Paper Turnover Mechanism:


Paper feed to the turnover mechanism,
While the paper reel reduce, Reducer-motor control the paper tension and the feeding speed.

Edge Correction Mechanism:

 QC-750-3  QC-750-4
 Top hand-roller control the sensor position,
Middle hand-roller control the stainless steel baffle width, corresponding with the paper width,
Bottom roller control this system(edge correction mechanism) move,
 Panasonic Sensor, Available for any color calibrate, compensate rage 1~5mm,
 QC-750-5  QC-750-6
Forward/Backward air-valve control the unwinding and feeding device, easy to adjust the pressure in sight the air-meter,
Servo-motor control the feeding mechanism, Higher accuracy.
 Knife-board position: air-cylinder fixing the knife position, Avoid any movement during running.
 QC-750-7  QC-750-8
Punch Pressure Adjust Device: Hand-roller control the punching pressure (Up/Down), Easy adjust and keep the press accurate, suitable for all kind of paper. Collection System: Keep the punched paper in order, easy take out and efficient tear the fan paper.

Die cut style:

 QC-750-9  QC-750-10
 This style die cutting is the most popular style.  This is the new style of die cutting knife design.
Less edge waste, Save paper
The cup side-welding different

Main Part

Main Motor Worm Gear Motor (TongLi 4KW )
Servo Motor TaiDa 1.5KW
Bearing SKF
Sensor Panasonic
Other Electric Elements CHNT (Famous Brand)


Part Brand
Servo Motor Inovance
AC Drive Inovance
PLC Inovance
Touch Screen Weinview
Sensor Panasonic
Gear NSK

Die of the machine:


Spare Parts:

Name Quantity Picture
Outside Callipers 1 set QC-750-12
ø25 outside spring 6 PCs QC-750-13
Roller Needle CF-20 2 PCs QC-750-14
M8  Moving Screw 4 PCs QC-750-15
Hexagonal screw 6 PCs QC-750-16
M10 Spring Washer 10 PCs QC-750-17
Paper Holder A 4 PCs QC-750-18
Paper Holder B 4 PCs QC-750-19
Paper Stopper 2 PCs QC-750-20

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