HX-AP Auto High-Speed Gluing Folding Machine

  • Description

Series AP folding gluing machine is dual purpose machine, adopt synchronous belt transmission and electronic continuously variable speeder, domestic standard electronic components, feeding section adopt mechanic continuously variable, stable and easy to control and operate.
It is especially designed for various cardboards, corrugated-paper packing, adapts correction function, and make corrugated boxes perfectly meet the requirements of auto packing.
(in case of any special function required, we can design according to the customer’s intension)

Technical Specification

Model HX-780AP HX-1050AP HX-1200AP
Paper Material Cardboard250-700g, A/B/E Corrugated
Max. Liner speed 220m/min
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Way of folding in reverse Fold 1 and fold 3 are 180°
Glue Water-base cold glue
Power Supply 3P380V50HZ
Main motor power 5.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Total power 7kw 7kw 9kw
Weight 3.5T 4T 5T
Overall dimension 11×1.5×1.15m 11×1.75×1.15m 11×1.9×1.15m

Carton type and size:

Model HX-780AP HX-1050AP HX-1200AP
A MAX 780 1050 1200
MIN 120 250 250
B MAX 500 700 700
MIN 50 80 80


Advantage and improvement
1. Feeding section
* Auto feed correctly and continuously, internal of feeding is adjusted by continuously variable speeder;
* independent high-speed feeding bell can be easily adjusted;
* independent vibrating motor can improve feeding greatly;
* feeding blade and baffle on the left and right can be adjusted upper and down to shorten adjusting and carton changing time.

2.Paper Correction
Equipped with auto-correction device to correct the obliquity and ensure the correct feeding.


3. Guling bucket:
Bottom gluing bucket can be adjusted right and left,
set gluing amount, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

Equipped with upper driver, folding belt has correction function, lengthened folding to make box forming more stable.

5.Releasing and collecting sections
Adjust the pressure easily and reliably to ensure the gluing quality; Equipped with pneumatic counting device which makes the counting conveniently. The press is equipped with independent speeder. The operator can set the collecting speed according to the packing speed.


6. Transmission:
Equipped with one-touch pneumatic pressure adjustment.
Press has two functions:
1/waiting, when feeding is paused, press will auto enter into waiting state.
2/ travel switch, pause the machine in case of wrong collecting

6. Main transmission adapt synchronous belt for power transmission.
7. Motor adapt variable-frequence speeder in a large range.

The Advantage of our machines compare other suppliers.
1. The frame steel plate material is thicker 14mm than other supplier, to keep machine more stable.
2. Curved bow regulate position in case of fault transfer paper avoid waste paper.
3. Cam fine tuning part of better folding position.
4. Feeding belt is imported
5. Drive bearing is imported.





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