ZDJ-700 ZDJ-500 Paper Dish Plate Making Machine

  • Description
Name Paper Plate Machine
Model : ZDJ-700

With collector

FOB Price :
Extra Mold: USD700~USD900 USD700~USD900
Option Plastic-glass Cover: USD850
Rated Speed : 65~80 plates/minute

(total two stations);

80~100 plates/minute

(total two stations);

Paper Plate Size: 4~11 inch (mold exchangeable);

Max 320mm paper size

4~10 inch (mold exchangeable);

Max 300mm paper size

Max Plate Depth Not over 30mm
Raw Material : Paper/paperboard, Aluminum foil coated paper, Duplex board, Ivory board,

One side PE coated paper or other;

Suitable paper

weight :

100~500gsm (gram a square meter);
Total Power : 3 KW; 3 KW;
Power Source : 220V single phase, 50Hz

(if your power different, Please tell us in advance)

Total Weight : GW/NW: 1600KG/1500KG GW/NW: 1100KG/1000 KG;
Machine Size

(L * W * H) :

2m * 1.45m * 1.9m ; 1.75m * 1.65m * 1.8m ;
Need Air source : Working pressure 0.8Mpa, Working air volume 1m3/minute;

(need to buy Air compressor, About 7.5KW air-compressor);

While plate size is very large, and the paper is very heavy (over 600gsm),

Special machine made on client’s requirement. 



Process of making plate:

1, Feed PreForm paper to entrance,

2, Machine auto suck paper down (each time one piece paper),

3, Preform paper slide down to the mold (guide bar control the slide),

4, Cylinder control the up-mold Press down & heating-forming the shape,

5, Release mold, plate/tray out (small cylinder press out the bottom center, Air blow help plates out).


PLC Program control machine, intelligent, fast speed, easy operate.

Pneumatic Air Cylinder(Piston) provide the press power, Press UP-mold to DOWN-mold.

Standard machine press power is 5Tons,

Heater in Down-mold, Make shape nice and hard.

Press and make round, rectangle, irregular, customize shaped paper plates, dishes, trays.



  • Adopt the advanced Program (PLCcontrol the machine processing),
  • High efficient PressurizeAir-Cylinder (IMPORT FAMOUS BRAND) ,
  • Solenoid Valve (imported),
  • Reliable machine design to keep the machine fast speed and durableness.
  • With the function of fault detection and auto stop;
  • Two times pressurizing Pressingto keep high quality plate/dish shape;
  • Each working station has separately control (easy work);
  • *To make large size plate, special plate, paper thickness over 600gsm (800gsm~2000gsm),
    Machine made specially on clients order (large frame, higher press power, etc)
  • ZDJ-400model has long travel stroke, available for DEEP plate/dish/bowl/tray.

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